Simon Reap

My original time in Hampshire was at Southampton University, where I got my electronics degree (1983) - that was when the electronics building was in the South-East corner of the campus, in what felt like one of the oldest buildings on the site. I spent most of my time there doing any courses which didn't actually involve electronics, so drifted naturally to computing. Then again, most of the computing there was still on punched cards. In the middle of my degree, I spent a year at IBM Hursley designing and testing hard disk drives (in the old Block B - a 7-storey monstrosity which was pulled down after I left - the only good thing about working in Block B was that you didn't have to look at it!). I then moved to London, then Leicestershire, before coming back to Hampshire 7 years ago.

I've been using UNIX for over 20 years, originally on a wonderful Pyramid system which gave SVR4 and BSD environments at the same time. I then worked with Solaris systems acting as workflow servers, and then on to HPUX and Linux (RHEL) machines at my current job at Acision near Reading, routing SMS messages. At all of these places I managed to avoid working on the core software that the company sold, and instead worked around the edges, on OS problems, support scripts and general administration work.

I've been using various Unices at home - OpenBSD as the gateway to my home network, SunOS on a couple of SparcStations I keep for fun, and Linux: Mandrake-as-was originally, then Debian, CrunchBang, Ubuntu and Mandriva for working machines, and Fedora/Mint/Sugar/... when I fancy a change.

My homepage is simonreap com and my email address is simon at that domain. (how tortuous can we get to avoid webcrawlers spotting our email addresses?)

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