<damn2003> how can i get people to think that im using [[BitchX]]? bx is kinda cool, though.
<[[Mr_NiCe]]> try /quit [[BitchX]]: im a wannabe
<damn2003> ok
   * Quits: damn2003 ([[BitchX]]: im a wannabe)

!BitchX is the coolest of all shell IRC clients. !BitchX is full of time saving features, shortcuts and is script friendly. !BitchX is like a multi-user vi with ANSI art.



Irssi is a pleasant and readily configurable console client. It is excellent at managing multiple channels, with each channel having its own "window" with key bindings to switch between them. Extensions can be written in perl to provide new commands, or change the builtin behaviour. — irssi itself — Some pre-written irssi scripts.

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