Photo Management Software

Image Management is essential with large and medium-sized digital photograph collections. The basic features sought in these reviews are:


A good, basic image management package. Photos are sorted into albums. It is possible to add image metadata to albums and the EXIF comment field on JPEGs; this isn't necessarily structured in a useful form, unless the user defines their own method of specifying location, subjects etc. within the comment field. Rotation of images is easy with simple keypresses. Original photos are saved to backup files, however it appears possible to unwittingly remove the original after repeated changes. More complex editing can be done in real image editing program, such as the gimp.

Performance on very large albums, of 1,500 images or more, is not stunning. It takes much longer to open the album and to move around within the album. — homepage with screenshots


gThumb is an image viewer and browser for GNOME2. It is based on gqview. To list some of its features, you can:

See for more details.


A simple light-weight image organising tool for KDE. Does not support PNG.


A KDE image organising tool, similar to gThumb. See for more details.



Image searching tools



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