Video editing and creation


(Debian package video-dvdrip) This is a perl GUI front end to various programmes for ripping DVD content and transcoding it to other formats such as VCD. It takes care of all the scaling etc to give self-consistent results. It has various presets for standard formats - VCD, SVCD etc. It can get confused occasionally if you abort operations half way through and then there's no way of re-using your ripped files that I could find so you have to start again with the DVD. (PeterSalisbury Feb 2004)


An audio and video recoder, allowing conversion between a large number of different audio and video formats.


A video recoding program using the mplayer code for reading the input files, and shipped as part of the mplayer source.


This is a GUI which allows cutting up DV files into sections, re-ordering, applying effects and transitions etc. There is a suite of utilities available (source only) which will transcode any other formats ready for kino to use. Kino itself is a very easy to use intuitive GUI with a storyboard, timeline, effects tab etc. The main shortcomings at the moment (the web site says they're being worked on) are layers and audio editing. There's plenty to do simple videos though. (PeterSalisbury Mar 2004)

Cinelerra A professional-quality video editing suite. Geared towards editing and adding effects to uncompressed video. The authors suggest: "Cinelerra is not for consumer use. If ease of use, simplicity, and convenience, or stylishness are your thing, you should use Virtualdub, Kino, MJPEG tools or MainActor instead."

It's big, it's ugly, and it's tricky to use. It's also rather slow to render your video to disk. I tried rendering a 10-minute edited video on my Athlon64 3200+, and it took nearly 15 minutes to render the video stream to MPEG. It also didn't seem to render it to the right frame rate, but that's something that can probably be fixed. (HugoMills Apr 2004)



GOPchop is a very simple high-level MPEG2 editor. It edits MPEG2 streams at the GOP (group of pictures) level -- usually under a second's worth of video for a DVB broadcast stream. However, on the DVB-T streams I've tried it on, it doesn't seem to handle the edges of the cut very well, and you are left with one or two seconds worth of static garbage across the cut. (HugoMills Mar 2004)


avidemux is primarily designed to edit DV, but will also handle MPEG2 input, and will recode video to a number of other formats. It will cut to individual frames (unlike GOPchop), and can do a large number of filtering operations on both audio and video streams. It also supports off-line rendering (make edits to several files, saving the edit instructions, and perform the actual edits later). (HugoMills, May 2004)

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