This page details some of the positive feedback HantsLUG and their members have received about the work the LUG has done.


These quotes are from messages sent to the [[MailingList]] after LUG meetings.

The meetings are great, the short talks are really very good – Damian

I very much enjoyed the talks [...] It was good to be a part of it all – Richard

Thanks for a great LUG meeting – Adam

It was great! Fantastic people – Liz

I'd like to say thanks to [...] those who put in the time and effort to make it possible – Tom

Thank you all for a lovely day – Thomas

I brought my box, and went away very happy – Aaron

Thank you to all for an enjoyable and helpful meeting – Lisi

The great thing is, someone in the room will be able to help with 'you' solving your problem; they're friendly too! – Ciemon

Thanks to Hugo for the Notwork to Network talk. Thanks to all, had an enjoyable day – Tim

[[TechTalks]] Videos

I wish to say thanks to Pete for his very informational, professional, and enjoyable presentaion on using Glade with Python. ... Pete provided a great presentation, which had shown me how Python is used in a development environment. ... Browsing through the web I linked to YouTube and there I found Pete’s webcast. ... Thanks again Pete for a fine informative and professional presentation!. You're a good teacher! - Robert Kovacs - From

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