Linux Training and Hampshire Lug Group

Birds of Feather meeting Hants Lug Saturday 2nd June 2007

Notes taken by Damian Brasher – DRAFT - 4th June 2007.

A number of LUG members discussed how the LUG could present, promote and even provide Linux training facilities. The key theme was to identify the target audience. Traditionally the LUG has always been a self help group however with the expansion of the wiki and good quality video talks the audience has expanded significantly in recent years. The aim therefore is to start with the traditional audience but try at the same time, if possible, to keep a wider target in view. Some training videos have been viewed world wide however it would not benefit the 200 or so members and those that attend meetings in the same way if the world wide audience were the only target. The LUG group consists of members with varying needs and training is not relevant for all.

The group were all agreed that good quality training can improve chances of employment, fill gaps in knowledge, allow for expansion within an organisation and importantly provide tangible benchmarks and standards which facilitate the successful deployment and management of Linux systems of all flavours in many environments and for others simply good fun.

Redirection or signposting members and non-members to the relevant local training resources is seen as a key activity of Hants LUG and there are significant examples of this on the wiki, at meetings and via the mailing list.

Maintaining a directory of skills was not seen as useful when much skill sharing occurs organically within the mailing list.

Pooling resources between LUG groups was brought forward as a realistic approach and would help avoid re-inventing the wheel. Approaching national LUG for additional resources was suggested.

Providing certification, formal training, generic training and workshops are all very different activities and and require varying levels of time, expertise and resources. The LUG has limited resources and should not commit to unrealistic or unsustainable goals.

The members present at the BoF decided that a reasonable approach for helping members primarily was to create a generic, non distribution specific, workshop outline. The workshop would consist of a collection of resources and should be useful for small groups and the individual with minimal IT facilities. The workshop would be designed on two levels; systems configuration, like local network settings or samba shares and desktop applications e.g. Gimp. Resources like a 'broken distribution' live CD using real world problems taken from the Hants LUG list, multiple choice questionnaires, practice sessions for both LPI and Red Hat exams based on official information released by these training bodies. Live casting sessions as well as much acclaimed videos produced by the LUG can become part of the workshop design as required but still retain their normal place on the wiki and at meetings.

The workshops should allow a heuristic learning approach to develop. This means that as much could be learnt attending workshop session by the learners as is fed back into the overall design and format of the workshop which is then fed back into the generic wiki workshop package.

I hope this document does some justice to the meeting which was teeming with great ideas and suggestions. It is a new page on the wiki and will be left for a month or two to see what feedback is generated as well as allowing members to make up their mind whether to go ahead, refine or join in.

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