I started using Unix in the mid-90s, but didn't own a box of my own, so I didn't do too much with it.

I worked in Digital TV from 1996-2002, where I was suddenly confronted by Linux. I took a copy of the CDs home to have a play, and the rest is history...

I currently run a number of machines - hobgoblin and goliath (both RedHat machines), and FiddlersElbow (old Compaq which changes disty according to what I'm playing with at the mo). In addition to these, I have a number of "sometime" boxes - firecrest (Sparc 4/75 running Solaris), RedKite (sparc 4/110 trying to run Debian, but currently broken), BlackWych (Sparc IPC curently defying all attempts to run Debian, with its glorious 1GB limit on partition sizes), and a number of other bits & pieces which don't seem to do very much at all (including my SGI Indy).

In addition to that, load, I also administer a number of boxes for other people. The two of which I am most proud are poundserver ( http://www.daylilies.org.uk/ ), which I rescued from a bin at the council tip (cost me a pound - hence the name) and the imaginatively-named linuxbox1 (http://www.fractals.org.uk/ ), which was built from a P133 carcass that was about to be thrown out.

Work-wise, I was made redundant in 2002, and I haven't really worked since, so if you've got something interesting, drop me a mail at job@beer.org.uk .

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