I live in Bournemouth, have worked in computing all my professional life, first job was hand punching assembler onto cards for an IBM 360 mainframe many moons ago. Yes, I know, Bournemouth is officially in Dorset but the Hants folk are broad-minded B-)

Worked as “Freelance” for last 15 years but the last 9.5 of those have been teleworking for the same London company so I have been just about a permie there then. Sadly that is just about to come to an end. I wish I could blame that on The Big Crunch but the company was ahead of that wave.

Used to use RH Linux on server & desktop systems at work and on a roomful of boxes at home sourced from auctions but nowadays I tend to do most stuff on remote servers so run just the one Ubuntu workstation and a laptop which I eventually got Ubunto onto although it resisted (Panasonic touch screen Toughbook).

Main work areas: server admin & development (web, database, comms, infrastructure & integration), Perl with everything.

Most likely to find on desktop: 8 terminals, half running screen sessions; too many Firefox windows, and 4 Emacsen. Green on black. Bit old school, perhaps. But retro is coming back in.

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