Email: ywarnier _ at _ beeznest _ dot _ org

Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire

I am (mainly) a self-employed analyst-programmer. I am deeply involved in the Dokeos (GPL E-Learning Management System) development as database "sanitizer" and developer of new features (full-text search, migration of data from other E-LMS, connectors with Examination systems, ...). Most of this work involves PHP and Perl programming, almost everytime combined with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Lately, I have also given some PHP workshops for web designers which I have received good feedback for (just recently).

I am Belgian, 25 years old and live happily in Portsmouth for an undetermined period of time, while my girlfriend ends up her studies at Portsmouth Uni and - maybe - finds her first job to gain some experience and be able to find one somewhere else around the world, where I will probably go along. We'd like to move somewhere in South America for a while (Chile, Peru or Brasil probably).

I am proud to speak fluently French, English and Spanish, to be at a moderate level at understanding Dutch and German, and to be learning Japanse.

My graphical design skills suck so I am not really able to do web-development as a stand-alone guy, but I am really good at working out the back-end stuff. But, well, I'm working on the design part...

I ended up my studies in Belgium in 2003 as analyst-programmer (7/10) and have been working with PHP and Perl since then, with very few interruptions due to lack of clients. I have realised since I *landed* here that it might prove very difficult to find a job as a contractor if you don't know some people in the area, working in the kind of technical job you're looking for. I am not yet at ease to chat clients up in this non-mother-tongue. I also realised how much I loved my country and friends since I left. And... I LOVE Belgian chocolate and beers (just e-mail me if you wanna taste some, I often have some packs in the attic ;-D)

Apart from that... I love open-source philosophy and I love playing RPG on my computer, as well as table games. I love swimming in the sea in the summer (not many occasions though).

Actually I am a very social guy but it's a bit annoying to be far from home, so I'm focusing on my skills enhancement right now.

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