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Author: Adam John Trickett
To: hampshire, Peter Alefounder
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] general genealogy questions?
On Wednesday 04 Jan 2017 12:23:35 Peter Alefounder via Hampshire wrote:

> I agree with that, and would add that FMP also have the British
> Newspaper Archive. You might like to find what is available at your
> local public library. Southampton have Ancestry, I think Hampshire
> have FMP (I'm fairly sure they had it a few years ago). However, I
> also note that while City of London libraries have FMP, their
> subscription does not include the British Newspaper Archive, so it
> appears FMP allow some options about datasets.

Currently Hampshire Library services have both FMP and if you
take your laptop onto their WiFi network, which seems to work okay.
Basingstoke library.

> If you get to the point of autosomal DNA testing, I have a Perl/Tk
> chromosome browser you would be welcome to try.

I'm not too fusses about the DNA test, but thanks for the offer.

Adam Trickett
Overton, HANTS, UK

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