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Author: Lisi Reisz
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Change of speaker for Portsmouth and South East Hampshire LUG meeting
Paul Tansom sent the following reply to Portsmouth and South East Hampshire
LUG Note he last sentence.

** Lisi Reisz via Portsmouth <portsmouth@???> [2017-02-14
> We have a change of speaker for the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire
> meeting this Saturday. Dr. Jacek Kopecky is unfortunately indisposed.
> Dr. Thomas Kluyver has kindly stepped in and will talk about the Southampton
> sailing robot project. He warns that this will be a bit repetitive for

> who went to the Southampton Python talk a few months ago. But I am sure

> it would be even better the second time, and besides there are all the other
> goodies still on offer.

** end quote [Lisi Reisz via Portsmouth]

As somebody who attended the reference talk in Southampton I can recommend it,
and am looking forward to the PLUG version. As I've just added to the website:

" somebody who attended the Southampton Python talk, I can recommend it
will gladly hear about it again. The previous talk covered Raspberry Pis,
Python, ROS (Robotic OS) and the challenges of working with wind, waves, tides
and wireless data gathering and control."

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