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Author: Lisi Reisz
To: portsmouth, Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: [Hampshire] Adapters for Saturday's Portsmouth and SE Hants LUG meeting
"Our" projector has a VGA connection. Most laptops these days do not. Could
all of you please bring Video port adapters with you if you own such things?
In particular Display Port, HDMI, Mini (or is it Micro?) Display Port to or
from any of them or any other video port - DVI anyone? - to increase the
chance that the speaker will be able actually to use his own laptop.

I got a DisplayPort to VGA adapter for the group - and the very first speaker
to need it needed Mini-DisplayPort. Plus different cables to cover different
native resolutions, which Google says is sometimes a problem. Plus anything
I haven't thought of. And if anyone could arrive with a Mac laptop of
somekind that might be helpful.



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