Re: [Hampshire] Linux support required in Southampton

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Author: Chris Dennis
To: Hampshire
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Linux support required in Southampton
On 29/06/17 13:29, Chris Dennis via Hampshire wrote:
> Hello HantsLuggers
> I've just had a phone call from someone in Southampton who needs support for a couple of Linux laptops. They've had all sorts of issues, and bad experiences of people offering to provide help but only making things worse.
> They have one old laptop with important data on it, and a newish Dell that came with Ubuntu but doesn't work properly.
> If anyone who lives nearer Southampton than me (I'm in Fordingbridge) is interested in providing support (in exchange for money), then please contact me off list, and I'll put you in touch.
> Cheers
> Chris

Thank you to those who replied. I've put the potential client in contact with a Southampton-based HantsLugger, so hopefully the problems will all get solved.



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