[Hampshire] Samba problems

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Author: Gareth Evans
To: hampshire, portsmouth
Subject: [Hampshire] Samba problems
Hello all,

I seem to have problems with Samba on Debian 9 (possibly 8 too) and Ubuntu 16.04 and was wondering if anyone might be able to offer any advice.

It has variously worked worked well and unpredictably, with different routers and versions of Samba and Ubuntu over the years (so not a very scientific analysis...)

Currently using a BT HomeHub 5B which seems to have some known issues, eg:


I also tried an old Linksys ADSL router which was previously reliable, but found no improvement.

I can access shares on an Ubuntu 16.04 server from an Ubuntu 16.04 or Debian client only if ufw is deactivated on the client machine, which suggests to me that perhaps ufw or smbclient is at fault. If ufw is on,

$ smbtree -d6

says it can't find the master browser for WORKGROUP, despite ufw allow in samba being set on the server. I've tried ufw reset on both. I've also tried installing cifs-utils.

I wonder if smbclient's outgoing traffic isn't being correctly marked as established to prevent blocking of the server's replies to dynamic ports, which is what seems to be happening, although there's nothing more descriptive that I can see in the client's logs.

I'm not sure a) whether a software or a router problem is to blame, or b) how to go about more advanced debugging.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated.


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