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Author: Peter Collins
To: Imran Chaudhry, Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Home user Linux Support opportunities in Southampton/Eastleigh area?
Hi Imran

On 10 September 2017 at 14:25, Imran Chaudhry via Hampshire <
hampshire@???> wrote:

> A few months ago I helped out a local Linux user with their laptop
> problems. I left them a very happy customer with a much more modern,
> up-to-date laptop running Debian with their (non-trivial!) e-mail
> system up and running.

> Does anyone know in Hampshire LUG know of opportunities in this around
> the Southampton/Eastleigh area?

Any ideas/thoughts/comments? Anyone tried this already? Thanks.

Have you considered the makerspace in Southampton So Make It, there used to
be a percentage of the membership who don't use Linux but either wish to
switch or learn some basics.

May be you could do a intro evening, a regularly Linux surgery or such
like, both to members and non-members.

There used to be a few members on this list who may be better place to
advised as I haven't been involved with the makerspace for a few months


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