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Author: Chris Malton
To: Chris Malton via Hampshire
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Minidlna
Replying to self (bad form in a way):


That is the uncommented content of the minidlna.conf file.

Minidlna is running as the "minidlna" user. - Routine install from apt-get.



On 15/10/17 13:05, Chris Malton via Hampshire wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> I am running minidlna on a Raspi for streaming media and it works well.
> I will see if I can dig out the config when I get home tonight.
> Regards,
> Chris
> On 15/10/17 10:30, Rob Malpass via Hampshire wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Has anyone had any success running minidlna?   For the life of me, I
>> can’t see what I’m doing wrong.   It’s installed and according to
>> sudo services minidlna status
>> it seems to be running ok but I can’t see it either on the server’s
>> file manager (which is Xenial) or on any (Windows) clients.  
>> Disconcertingly, it doesn’t even appear to be building a database or
>> logging to anywhere.   I have faffed at length with
>> /etc/minidlna.conf but to no avail.   Apparently you can either run
>> it as yourself, and ensure minidlna.conf is pointing at directories
>> that you have write permission to.   The alternative (and default) is
>> for it to run as a (non-logging in) user called minidlna.   In this
>> case, said user minidlna must have write permissions to all
>> directories specified in minidlna.conf.   Not wanting the hassle of
>> chmod hierarchies, I went for the former option and specified it as
>> such user=myname in /etc/minidlna.conf.
>> Is there a winning formula out there?   The reason I’m trying to set
>> this up is I rather fancy [2] and sadly it only works with dlna.
>> Cheers
>> Rob
>> [2]
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