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Author: Paul Tansom
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: [Hampshire] Portsmouth and South East Hants LUG meeting Saturday, 20th January 2018
The next Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Linux Users Group meeting will be
this coming Saturday, 20th January 2018 from 1pm to 6pm in the Broad Oak
Social Club, Hilsea. Talks start at 3pm.


With Christmas and the New Year rushing all to rapidly by I've not managed to
arrange a talk this month, so we will open up the floor to Lightning Talks
again. Last month we had a couple of impromptu ones that opened up discussion,
so if you are unsure about doing one just think of it as opening up discussion
to the floor rather than just a table :-)

These are 5 minute talks with 2 minutes for questions afterwards (give or take,
if there is time available there's no need to cut short a good discussion!).
The subject can be anything related to Linux and Open Source, and I would
encourage anyone to consider doing something whatever your level of experience.
Nobody knows everything, and it is just as valuable to hear about a new user's
journey as it is to hear an in depth technical talk (it is a good reminder of
where we all started and problems experienced users overlook).

To get you thinking here are a few suggested areas:

- How you found Linux and what you like or would like to improve.
- A new piece of software you have found and have found useful.
- A problem you are having and would like help with.
- A fun new gadget that works with or runs Linux.

There is no need to put together slides, and with just 5 minutes to fill the
preparation is minimal (or just wing it!). In fact there is no real pressure to
fill the full 5 minutes even, if you have a tip to share the conversation will
start and time will fly by!

All things being equal and with a following wind I plan to do a quick "How to
quit Vim" Lightning Talk.


Sandwiches, tech talk and excellent company guaranteed as usual, of course.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!


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