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Author: Joseph Bennie via Hampshire
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CC: Joseph Bennie
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Wireless access points
Hi roger, even using a differend sid , you would be on the same lan or a nat’d derivative of it. you would need to tunnel through to another subnet or use 5 real ips on the persons network and create 2 distinct lans.

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> On 10 May 2018, at 21:35, Roger Munford via Hampshire <hampshire@???> wrote:
> I have constructed a link across some fields to a small remote church in order to connect their solar array for real time monitoring.
> The link starts at a private house which has wi fi router. The owner is happy to share his wi fi because he is away most of the time but does not want any cabling at all in his house. The network login details are entered here.
> I have a TP Link TL-WA86ORE wi fi extender which has a single Ethernet port which allows a connection to the wifi network. This is situated on the corner of a barn about 20 meters from the house.
> I then have an ethernet cable which leads to a TP LINK CPE 510 on the other side of the building which forms a bridge to the another CPE 510 on the church across the fields. An ethernet cable connects to the solar inverter and it all seems to work nicely.
> However I have been asked if I could include a wireless access point in the church using this link. In fairness to the generous donor who is happy for it to go ahead, I want to ensure that everybody is not logging on directly to his network. Would it be possible to to provide an access point with its own SSID?. If so what hardware should I be looking for?
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> Roger
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