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Author: Peter B. via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: Peter B.
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Free to a good home (repost)
Just wanted to say thank you to the LUG and to Adam Trickett for hooking me
up with an old machine and some parts. It is gonna make a nice IPCOP box
so if anyone wants directions on how to set one up please just message me.

Thanks again,


On Sun, 9 Sep 2018 22:47 Adam John Trickett via Hampshire, <
hampshire@???> wrote:

> I have two tower systems that are free to a good home.
> They both have an Asus K8V-X Motherboard and ADM64 (single core)
> CPU. They both have the maximum design RAM of 2GB. They both have
> AGP-8X graphics cards, onboard Gig Ethernet, parallel, serial, 2x
> PS/2, onboard sound and some USB jacks. One is in a black DNUK
> (OEM) case the other a silver/grey retail case. They each have
> SATA HDs (~200Gb), DVD-RW and either a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM.
> They are both running Debian Stable at the moment, fresh clean
> install and work fine, but are not really fast enough for modern
> full-fat GUIs like KDE or GNOME, but would be fine for something
> lighter or headless where that doesn't matter.
> If no one wants them I'll try freecycling them or breaking them
> for salvageable parts - the rest going to the local recycling
> centre.
> The AGP graphics card does VGA, DVI-D (and so HDMI if you needed
> that) and s-video. They are obviously obslete, but sometimes
> people need kit like this.
> I also have a much older Dell Dimension XPS-200n, which has a PentiumPro
> 200MHz CPU, 128 MB RAM, but does have Plextor SCSI CD-ROM and CD-R drives.
> This is a very antique computer and probably no interest to anyone, unless
> you
> want parts from it. I think it has a NetGear 100MBit CPI Ethernet card, a
> PCI-
> SCSI controller, ISA Soundblaster card and a Matrox Millenium graphics
> card.
> It has a 3Gb IBM PATA hard drive and a 5Gb IBM SCSI hard drive.
> You'll need to collect from Overton Hampshire, or we could deliver
> to Basingstoke or Andover as that is where the recycling centre
> would be for them if no one wants them. All will be going to the reccling
> centre within the next few weeks - we need to clear the house before we
> move
> out of it.
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> Adam Trickett
> Overton, HANTS, UK
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> fails on this first test, no amount of ornamentation or finish will
> make it any better, it will only make it more expensive and foolish.
>     -- Frank Pick, lecture to the Design and Industries Assoc, 1916

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