Re: [Hampshire] On the scroung: Working 20-120Gb IDE HDD

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Author: Tim via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Tim
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] On the scroung: Working 20-120Gb IDE HDD
On 17/02/2019 12:25, Rob Malpass via Hampshire wrote:
> Hi all
> I’m trying to resurrect an old Sun machine but struggling to find a
> (3.5” IDE) hdd small enough (120Gb the limit apparently). I’m loathe
> to buy one off ebay (you just never know) despite their being very cheap.
> Does anyone have such a drive they _know_ is working they’d be
> prepared to send to me for free?   Obviously I’ll pay postage.
> Cheers
> R

I have several 3.5" ide drives, I think they range from 4GB to 40GB and
when last checked they were working


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