[Hampshire] [OT] Annoyance - Windows Sound

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Author: Rob Malpass via Hampshire
To: 'Hampshire LUG Discussion List'
CC: Rob Malpass
Subject: [Hampshire] [OT] Annoyance - Windows Sound
Hi all

I have a /* not wishing to tempt fate */ stable /* end of wish */ Windows
machine which works in every respect other than it intermittently has a
problem with cracking / delayed sound during heavy disk access. Try
listening to music and looking at ebay concurrently and it's very annoying.
In all other respects the box is fine - albeit approaching 5 years old.
Not being a gamer - I've no real need to upgrade - so the cost of the
upgrade itself + MS Office (required for work) + my magnification software
is non-trivial.

Apparently this is a very common problem but most searches I've done suggest
a driver issue - but I've tried all these (including using a sound card as
opposed to onboard sound) and same issue pervades so I can't see how it can
be a driver issue.

Has anyone come across this and fixed it?



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