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Author: David Webb via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: David Webb
Subject: [Hampshire] Github Railway

As a Covid project I had a go at converting a windows train simulator program
(openrails.org/) written in C#, to C, so I could run it on my linux box using

My version, available from on github (github.com/djw-zr/ZR), has now reached
the stage where a single engine can be driven along the tracks to explore the
layout. So far I've developed the code using the zig-zag railway route
(www.zigzag.coalstonewcastle.com.au/route/downloads/) which is freely

The reason for this e-mail is that I am concerned that my github version may
be missing some key files or instructions - possibly about the needed packages
- which are available on my linux system but are not standard.

So my request is - if anyone has a wet afternoon and a few hours to spare,
that they have a go at downloading, compiling and running the program - at the
same time keeping a record of all the problems encountered.

If you can then provide me with feedback, I hope to make it easier for other
people to try the program out - and maybe even help with further development.

Given the summer weather you probably have better things to do, but as I only
work on the project from time to time, feedback later in the year will also be


David Webb.

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