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Author: Thomas Kluyver via Hampshire
To: Hampshire
CC: Thomas Kluyver, Phil Weir
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Joint LUG Event: Lightning talks on Linux audio
On Thu, 30 Sep 2021, at 09:25, Gordon Scott via Hampshire wrote:
> I can see Mozilla Hubs working for a small group chat ... book club or
> similar.
> It appears to me fundamentally flawed with a speaker and shared screen(s).

Yeah, the need to position yourself close enough to the speaker to hear and where you can also see the screen seems like it's painstakingly recreating downsides of the real world which shouldn't affect online presentations.

I've used (not FOSS) for a work event before, which is a similar idea with a low-res 2D world. It also uses the idea that you can see & hear people near to you, but you can have a special square which allows anyone standing there to address the whole group, like a PA system. It worked pretty well, but even so, I think it only makes sense if you're planning to do things like breakout groups, not just presentations.

> Was it recorded in any successful way?  I'd still like to listen.

Sorry, as far as I know, there was no recording. Phil, please let me know if I'm wrong about that.

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