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Author: Paul Tansom via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG
CC: Paul Tansom
Subject: [Hampshire] Portsmouth and South East Hants LUG - February 19th IRL & Virtual meet
There's been a bit of a heads up on the PLUG list (why aren't you all on
it?!), but this is the formal announcement of the February meet
(tomorrow!). It will be at Broad Oak, with the usual IRL start of 1pm,
and sandwiches will be available (for those attending in person and
wanting to partake).

Things have changed a little since we last met regularly as there are no
longer any doors on the meeting room. It isn't generally noisy and it
will help with ventilation, so shouldn't be an issue. There is also the
possibility that we can use the downstairs meeting room if there isn't a
function on for some meetings - it will be clearly signposted or
announced if we aren't in our usual 'room'.

For those either not wanting to attend in person, or not able to (to far
to travel perhaps, or maybe a tree on the route!), I will be running the
Jitsi room to see how the two work together - last time it had teething
problems, this time I should have a different speaker / mic setup that
may help - possibly - so drop in and see :-)

See you there (virtually or in person) or, well, erm, not I guess - it
is purely voluntary, but we still don't bite and we have no plans to.

To join virtually head to:


I will enable the lobby as well as the password of 'sat22',- a totally
random change with no discernable pattern to it! If for some reason the
URL above has been grabbed I will update via the list and website (you
don't seem to be able to reserve them).

I use Firefox, but I have heard that some have had issues and recommend
Chrome or Chromium. There is also an app that you will be asked to
download if you are using Android or Apple (it is also available through
F-Droid). Personally I find the best option is the Electron app that can
be downloaded from https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron as an
AppImage or a Deb package. It is also available from Flathub and the
Snap store as third party build, but I don't know how up to date those

If anyone wants to join by phone I can email a code when the meeting
starts (I don't think it gets created until then with Jitsi), but I have
no idea where you stand on call costs. It came up at the IWPCUG / IOWLUG
meet and I investigated.

Keep safe.


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