[Hampshire] Portsmouth and South East Hants LUG - July 16th

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Author: Paul Tansom via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG
CC: Paul Tansom
Subject: [Hampshire] Portsmouth and South East Hants LUG - July 16th

This month's meet will be at Broad Oak, with the usual IRL start of 1pm, and sandwiches will be available. We now have a curtain across the room doorway which helps with noise given the new lack if actual doors.

Yes it's happening, just don't ask me about my week, I may just tell you!

I'll throw your a quick talking point (that's a talking point not a talk 😉, perhaps I should have said discussion point).

The IoW LUG / IWPCUG are working on a Laptops for Ukranians scheme for those being hosted in the IoW. They are using a Linux base, and I believe there's something in the Taunton area as well that is using Linux. Details for the IoW setup are at:


With details of the config at:


If anyone has any thoughts on the setup or interest in trying to spread this wider let me know. A source of donated laptops is clearly key to this! More discussion on the day (if people make it without melting) or online.

See you there or, well, erm, not I guess - it is purely voluntary, but we still don't bite and we have no plans to.

Keep safe.


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