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Author: Artur Łądka via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: Artur Łądka, Peter Alefounder
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] How to connect Android phone to Debian system
According to Debian article ( 1.1.18 libmtp
is required to access Moto G phones, while current package in all Debian
releases is 1.1.17-3 - this might be source of your problems.

I have used many Android phones on Ubuntu/Debian + GNOME in mtp mode,
and almost for sure Moto Gx was one of them, however recently I have
always been using GVFS for that purpose.

As per copying data, most Android phones supports OTG memory, so you
should be able to plug in Flash Memory or USB Hard Drive and copy data
directly (some USB sticks provides dual USB-C/USB-A connectivity, like
this example
, if not USB-OTG adapter can be used)


On 20/05/2023 17:11, Peter Alefounder via Hampshire wrote:
> Adam John Trickett said:
>> I gather it depends on the generation of the phone and what the
>> vendor felt like.
> The phone is is new - first appeared in January this year, I
> understand. I have not yet tried copying files via a library
> computer - wasn't taking the phone anywhere until I had a
> screen protector, which I have now got. It does seem a bit
> odd to have to use a Windows machine to copy files between
> two linux-based systems.
> Peter Alefounder.

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