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Author: Peter Alefounder
To: hampshire
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] eMMC
Jonathan Hudson said:
> >It appears that many modern laptop computers have a type of flash
> >memory storage called eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard). Some web sites
> >claim that this will not work with Linux; others that it will if the
> >system is sufficiently new, and yet others that it will if the system
> >is an old one.
> >
> >Has anyone had any experience of installing Linux on a machine with
> >eMMC?
> >
> >Peter Alefounder.
> AFAIK, it's worked since forever on my ancient ARM Chromebook (even
> with kernel 4.10.5).

Thanks, Jonathan. This may be a problem for just one particular
kernel version, hence some saying a new kernel is required and
others an old one. So far, I have yet to find out what files I
would need to install Linux at all.

Peter Alefounder.

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