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Author: Lisi Reisz
To: portsmouth, Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: [Hampshire] ADMIN: Help with speakers - and other help - needed for Portsmouth and SE Hants LUG meetings
I was going to make my plea simultaneously with telling all those of you who
missed it about our very interesting meeting last week. But life has caught
up with me again, and it is probably already too late to plead with someone
to help with a speaker for May.

But please, people. Many of you value our programme of speakers. They do not
just happen. I write a lot of emails, bend a lot of ears and employ a lot of
pester power. Recently I have had neither the energy, nor the time, and one
or two arrangements I thought that I had made, have fallen through.

So, please: ideas for talk subjects (I have a speaker who is waiting on a
subject to talk about), people I could ask, people you could ask, offers to
talk yourself, sessions you would like.

I have one request for Freaky Clown. He had in fact agreed to talk to us some
while before the request, but I gave up on the ultra-long process of agreeing
a date. I will try again - but that requires energy and time.

I will also pull out the stops, and get all the stuff I ought to get up on the
web, up on the web.

In addition, I am beginning to need help sometimes with setting up the room.
ONE person only, though! So could volunteers get in touch off-list and I'll
make individual requests as appropriate. I can't keep press-ganging!


Please post to: Hampshire@???
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