Re: [Hampshire] problem installing silentcast

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Author: Peter Alefounder
To: hampshire
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] problem installing silentcast
Daniel Llewellyn said:
> If ffmpeg isn't in the 14.04 release then enabling the universe repo
> won't help

I had a feeling that might be the case.

> The way you install deb packages from file rather than a repository
> is to use dpkg directly:
> dpkg -i /path/to/downloaded-ffmpeg-debfile.deb

Thank you - I'll try that. I've also obtained the source for
silentcast, but considering how long it took to compile ffmpeg, that
can wait for the moment. I found another way to do what I want, on my
desktop machine, involving RecordMyDesktop, mplayer, ImageMagick and a
lot of editing with the Gimp. Somewhat clumsy, but it has done the

> However if the package is from a more recent release of Ubuntu then
> it will likely depend on package versions that are only in that
> later release, so you'll be descending into the dependency hell that
> APT was designed to prevent.

"Why, this is hell, nor am I out of it:"

My desktop machine is running Debian Wheezy and is not connected to
the internet, which is why it would not be easy to install silentcast
on that. One reason for getting the laptop was for the odd occasion
when more up-to-date software was wanted. Then someone decides to
remove ffmpeg from Ubuntu!

Peter Alefounder.

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