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Author: Peter Alefounder
To: hampshire
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] problem installing silentcast
Daniel Llewellyn said:
> If it helps, a more recent release of Ubuntu (namely 16.04, Xenial
> Xerus) _does_ include ffmpeg so you might be able to get
> silentcast's deb package working easier there, but that will either
> require a complete reinstall of your system using the DVD download
> _or_ an online upgrade which requires you to be connected to the
> internet while it downloads everything for the upgrade. An upgrade
> downloads upgraded packages rather than a single OS Image, and
> upgrades each package in-turn similar to how security updates are
> delivered but in a more brutal way if it goes belly-up part way
> through. Anecdotally I've never had an issue upgrading using the
> online upgrade but I've heard others have had problems every time
> they try.

I don't want to risk converting a laptop that works into one that
doesn't, particularly as I've now done what I originally wanted
silentcast to do. I presume the DVD download could just as well go
onto a memory stick? I might try that when a system upgrade really
does become necessary, but not just yet.

> Though as you're running a Dell, there might be some packages that
> Dell provide in their default install (if it came with Ubuntu out of
> the  box) which don't work on an updated release of Ubuntu.

None that I've noticed, unless that's the software manager which
recommends software without providing any way to install it.

Peter Alefounder.

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