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Author: Tim via Hampshire
To: hampshire
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Colour Printer Replacement
On 21/07/17 10:03, Roger Munford via Hampshire wrote:
> Our HP colour laser printer which is quite old now must be replaced. A
> repair seems out of the question I assume because nobody seems to
> repair these days. It is a pity because we have quite a bit of toner
> left.
> Does anybody have any recommendations or warnings of a replacement. It
> is the normal home office sort of usage probably quite low.
> I am not particularly wedded to any technology, just reliability.
> Regards
> Roger

I have a HP M277 which is a network or USB colour scanner, copier, and
printer. Once you install the Debian HP bits it found the printer with
very little setup (mine is on my network). I have not been able to
control the scanning via Linux (but I have a windows PC so I have not
tried that hard). The printing side is just works, I scan to a folder
but this folder is on my Nas so I have not tried scanning to a folder
on Linux. (done the scan to folder several times on windows PC as we
have a couple of these at work so provided the folder was accessible via
the network I can not see any issue). You should be able to pick up one
of these for around the £200 mark



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