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Author: Roger Munford
To: Aaron West, Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Colour Printer Replacement

Thanks for your reply. I am looking at some text printed in landscape.
in black and white the centre third of the page is uneven and smeared.
In colour mode the whole page is covered with coloured smears as if it
was printing a woven textile but not so regular. Black solids print
nicely but coloured solids are scratchy.

The black toner is almost full but the coloureds are almost empty.

We are thinking that this printer has had its time and the economics of
replacement are weird. The toner is so expensive in comparison to the
actual printer. Is this just a marketing ploy or is toner expensive to



On 21/07/17 12:17, Aaron West wrote:
> Can I ask what the problem is? Last time I checked people still did
> repair proper laser printers, 6 years ago I was doing it working out
> of a Romsey based company.
> Usually you can buy service kits which contain new rollers, pickups
> and other stuff. You can also buy new drums and transfer belts and
> even replace key components that can fail like the power boards.
> The funniest repair we ever did was a little nylon ring that became
> warped(egg shaped) and we managed to source one of those and replace
> and fix.
> On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 10:03 AM, Roger Munford via Hampshire
> <hampshire@??? <>>
> wrote:
>     Our HP colour laser printer which is quite old now must be
>     replaced. A repair seems out of the question I assume because
>     nobody seems to repair these days. It is a pity because we have
>     quite a bit of toner left.

>     Does anybody have any recommendations or warnings of a
>     replacement. It is the normal home office sort of usage probably
>     quite low.

>     I am not particularly wedded to any technology, just reliability.

>     Regards

>     Roger

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