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Author: Brad Rogers
To: Hampshire LUG List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Colour Printer Replacement
On Fri, 21 Jul 2017 13:27:58 +0100
Roger Munford via Hampshire <hampshire@???> wrote:

Hello Roger,

>replacement are weird. The toner is so expensive in comparison to the
>actual printer. Is this just a marketing ploy or is toner expensive to

Similar things apply to inkjet printers. That is, the ink is expensive
compared to the price of the printer. Printers are (more or less) sold
at cost (if not a loss). Where printer makers make their money is on the
sale of consumables; ink(1), toner, etc. So much so, that HP even went
to the extent of locking out third party ink cartridges so they couldn't
be used in HP machines. A decision that, thankfully, was reversed.

Short version; It's largely a marketing ploy.

(1) Ink can cost around £990 a litre - over 840 times the price of
petrol (based on my printer's ink costs and local petrol prices).

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