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Author: Imran Chaudhry
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] How to de-install non-free Radeon drivers without uninstalling all of
Coorection, laptop model is

Toshiba Satellite C850

Sadly looks like many issues with the hardware by others:

I'm wondering if the user would have a better experience using a more
up-to-date distro like Ubuntu.

On 25 July 2017 at 16:03, Imran Chaudhry <ichaudhry@???> wrote:
> I've been helping someone set-up a Linux laptop upon which I installed
> Debian 9 "Stretch".
> The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite CH50-D11Q which has a GPU installed
> - an ATI Radeon 7000 HD series.
> I selected the MATE desktop and the default install used the
> opensource ATI drivers - however while the system was usable the
> screen brightness did not work correctly.
> When I realized that an ATI Radeon GPU was present I then installed
> the linux-firmware-nonfree package thinking that it would unlock the
> full power of the GPU. On reboot however we found that although the
> screen brightness could now be controlled, the graphical desktop was
> slower than the opensource drivers. Moving windows shows a visible
> re-draw and using a browser scrolling web pages seems to be slow.
> After some Googling, I tried instead to install the ATI "Catalyst"
> Linux package from the ATI site but on running it reported my
> server version to be too old.
> I then attempted to downgrade to the opensource drivers by
> uninstalling the Xorg packages with "radeon" in their names but this
> wanted to uninstall ALL ox Xorg.
> Since the laptop user is non-technical, I did not want to proceed
> further with the fear that they may end up with a broken system.
> Can anyone suggest a way to downgrade cleanly? It sounds like I might
> need to install the opensource ATI/Radeon package which might have
> been uninstalled when I installed the nonfree one?
> Thanks

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