[Hampshire] Southampton Python talk, Thursday 5th October

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Author: Thomas Kluyver
To: hampshire
Subject: [Hampshire] Southampton Python talk, Thursday 5th October
Hi all,

Southampton Python will be having a talk a week on Thursday.

Title: Sustainable Scientific Software Development
Speaker: Alice Harpole, University of Southampton
Time: 6pm, Thursday 5th October
Venue: University of Southampton, Building 7 Room 3023

Here's a university map to help find building 7:

Alice is a PhD student here at the University of Southampton, and a
fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, so she's well placed to
talk about this topic. For more details of what she plans to talk about,
see: http://southampton-python.github.io/

We make time for one or two lightning talks after the main talk. These
are no more than five minutes long, and they're a great opportunity to
share a little bit of information about something related to scientific
computing or to Python in general.

There will be refreshments provided before the talk starts, and there's
usually a group going to a nearby pub afterwards for drinks or food.

I hope to see some of you there!


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