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Author: Rob Malpass
To: 'Hampshire LUG Discussion List'
Subject: [Hampshire] Minidlna
Hi all

Has anyone had any success running minidlna? For the life of me, I can't
see what I'm doing wrong. It's installed and according to

sudo services minidlna status

it seems to be running ok but I can't see it either on the server's file
manager (which is Xenial) or on any (Windows) clients. Disconcertingly, it
doesn't even appear to be building a database or logging to anywhere. I
have faffed at length with /etc/minidlna.conf but to no avail. Apparently
you can either run it as yourself, and ensure minidlna.conf is pointing at
directories that you have write permission to. The alternative (and
default) is for it to run as a (non-logging in) user called minidlna. In
this case, said user minidlna must have write permissions to all directories
specified in minidlna.conf. Not wanting the hassle of chmod hierarchies, I
went for the former option and specified it as such user=myname in

Is there a winning formula out there? The reason I'm trying to set this up
is I rather fancy [2] and sadly it only works with dlna.





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