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Author: Thomas Kluyver
To: hampshire
Subject: [Hampshire] Southampton Python talk - testing with pytest, 29th November
Hi all,

There's another southampton-python talk coming up, this time about

**Python testing with pytest: motivation, demonstration, and practices**
Mark Vousden
When: 6pm, Wednesday 29th November
Where: Southampton University, Building 6 (Nuffield Theatre), Room 1081

Mark recently finished his PhD, and now works for Blupoint, an
organisation trying to make digital technology useful to communities
where internet access is severely limited.

As usual, there will be some time after the main talk for lightning
talks, up to five minutes each. If there's a tool, technique or idea
you'd like to tell people about, please let me know.

We'll provide refreshments before the talk, and there's an open
invitation to go to a nearby pub for drinks or food afterwards.

Hope to see you there,

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