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Author: Andrew Ransom
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: [Hampshire] Basingstoke Hackathon
Sorry for the short notice, but if anyone is free this weekend and fancies
a challenge...

Sadly I can't make it but it sounds like it might be fun.


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From: Alex Cowan <thebasingstoketechscene-announce@???>
Date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM
Subject: [thebasingstoketechscene] Only a week to go - Basingstoke Hackathon
To: thebasingstoketechscene-announce@???

Hi everyone

It's only a week to go until the Basingstoke Hackathon, sponsored by
Basingstoke and Deane Council and the EU Towntown project. Are you excited?
We are!

Join us next weekend (24th-26th) at Desklodge for a fun weekend of hacking!
Everyone is welcome to join us, we're looking for coders, entrepreneurs,
amazingly creative people or just someone with an idea they want to spend a
weekend hacking on.

Don't miss out, tell your friends and sign up at: https://www.meetup.com/

We're also happy to announce an additional prize for the Best Community
Project. This prize will be decided on by a panel of three judges from the
local area. We also have a prize for best overall project and maybe some
other fun prizes throughout the weekend. We'll announce more on the page

Looking forward to welcoming you all at Desklodge on Friday 24th at 6pm for
the start of the Hackathon!

Alex and James
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