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Author: Peter Salisbury
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Christmas Cheer
I did give a talk a while back to a BCS group (OSHUG) about "Ownership
and Gift; Open Source and God; How a Vicar values Open Source" which
they put up on YouTube. If you ever have 22 minutes of your life with
nothing better to do...

Best wishes, Peter

On 17 December 2017 at 11:27, Gareth <auxinelectro@???> wrote:
> It makes me happy that the vicar of Lymington is an open source fan :-)
> makes me glad I am on this list!
> Happy Christmas everyone :-)
> Gareth
> On 16 Dec 2017 8:06 p.m., "Peter Salisbury via Hampshire"
> <hampshire@???> wrote:
> Thanks Roger,
> Just to complete the Open Source story, the hardware running the
> WS2812B lights (an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi) and the lights
> themselves were paid for by a Lymington Open Source software company,
> Embecosm, who specialise in super-optimising compilers for the gnu
> toolchain.
> Best wishes, peterthevicar
> Peter Salisbury, Vicar of Lymington
> On 12 December 2017 at 20:17, Roger Munford via Hampshire
> <hampshire@???> wrote:
>> I found myself in Lymington the other evening with a couple of hours to
>> pass
>> whilst waiting for my wife.
>> As luck would have it, they were switching on the Christmas lights that
>> day
>> so I thought I would go and enjoy the carols at the church.
>> As even more luck would have it, the MC was Peter Soulsby whose name would
>> be very familiar with older members of the LUG. Peter also baptised both
>> my
>> children before moving to Lymington.
>> I had a few words with Peter afterwards and was pleased to find out that
>> he
>> had built an app so that anybody could choose the pattern of Christmas
>> lights on the church. Open Source of course.
>> You can also do it from the website
>> You cant keep a good lugger down.
>> Seasons Greetings
>> Roger
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