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Author: Andy R
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Subject: Re: [Hampshire] [Surrey] Today (25 April ) is World Penguin Day
Thanks for the heads up Tony!

It's a serious problem down there I'm afraid :-(

There are vast factory ships for harvesting krill and although there are quotas in place enforcement in a location as remote as Antarctica is an issue.

On a lighter note I'm sure there are Gentoo advocates who will be pleased to read this :

"Most species of penguin swim between 4mph and 7mph, but Gentoos can top 20mph."


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On 25 Apr 2018, 08:07, at 08:07, Tony Wood via Surrey <surrey@???> wrote:
>I thought you should be told.
>Apparently it's in particular to protect Antarctic krill, a main food
>source for penguins, from harvesting for use as a health supplement.

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