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Author: Stephen Pelc
To: hampshire
CC: Stephen Pelc
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Configuring Sendmail to Internet
David said
> You have to be careful about which ISP you use. Zen Internet have told
> me that they will disconnect me if they see me using my own mail server
> through their smarthost

I have recently spent time talking to Zen about this. There's
nothing in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that should stop you
using your own mailserver until you have the slightest bit of
trouble (we had a mail loop) upon which they incur the "affects
Zen's systems" clause in the AUP and block you. I can see their

The agreed compromise is to send mail directly from sendmail -
just delete or comment out all the SMART_HOST lines in the M4
script and rebuild, usually something like
m4 /etc/mail/ > /etc/mail/
and restart sendmail (or reboot). Sendmail will then send
directly to the user without going through Zen. Zen do not mind
you accessing their mail host to receive mail. They are just
paranoid about your mailserver relaying through theirs.

After the changes, all has been fine.

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