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Author: Paul Tansom via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Paul Tansom
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] From ADSL to VDSL (BT Internet)
** Rob Malpass via Hampshire <hampshire@???> [2019-01-15 16:02]:
> Hi all
> I've been offered a free (completely) upgrade from BT ADSL "Total Broadband"
> to "BT Infinity". As 0 extra cost - why wouldn't I (That's a rhetorical
> question - not the one I seek answers to!)
> As part of the agreement over the phone I was told my old BT Hub would be
> replaced. but this has got me thinking.
> At present, my master socket (dining room) has an extension into the study
> so I can make phone calls from the study. Into the study's extension is
> plugged a phone and an ASDL micro filter. The BT Hub is plugged into the
> ADSL micro filter in the study. BT tell me that the new router they're
> sending
> a)    Simply replaces the existing router (so would be plugged into the ADSL
> micro filter in the study)

> b)    That I can connect this new router as soon as it arrives.

> I'm not sure I believe this. I was told that VDSL modems need to be
> connected to the master socket - not an extension. As such, I'll need to
> uninstall the router in the study and put the new router directly into the
> master in the dining room.
> Does anyone know definitively?
> Cheers
> Rob

** end quote [Rob Malpass via Hampshire]

My dad is with BT with Infinity and has the Home Hub on an extension without
problems (well, not related to that anyway). From memory the upgrade wasn't
simply a case of plugging in and off as there was a switchover point where the
one configured for ADSL stopped working and the VDSL one started. I guess their
firmware may have been upgraded to be able to check, or perhaps they
co-ordinate with the engineer making the changes at the exchange to update the
configuration remotely (I nearly typed that with a straigh face, my experience
of BT engineers co-ordinating with the call centre isn't exactly positive -
although each of the engineers I've had has been quite helpful).

The issues we have had are with the Hob Hubs giving up, I think we are on the
third one now, although that has lasted better than the first two that I think
were little over a year each. The other issue is just down to the quality of
the line itself and BT's inability to sort it out. It gets worse over time and
takes a leap in wet weather (and they never respond quickly enough to find the
issue, or detect any issues remotely so threaten to charge - I think one time
when they were working my dad noted that where they lifted the plate in the
road to work on a connection it was full of water to the top!).

I am currently battling similar line issues with my mother-in-laws line which
frequently deteriorates and never has an issue found remotely - on the times
they come out they do something that results in no charge and improvement for a

My line is much the same, with the added disadvantage of being just a touch
inside the maximum distance for FTTC which drops my speed to 16Mbps (wish I
hadn't run a test, I'm down to 14Mbps at the moment). I will just touch on my
regular grumble that I can't move to cable because I can't get fixed IPv4 and
IPv6 on cable (well, I can get a single IPv4 for about £10 or £15 per month
more than I currently pay as of my last check).

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