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Author: Andy Random via Hampshire
To: Hampshire
CC: Andy Random
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Raspberry PI

Hi Adam,

Good to hear from you.

On Wed, 20 Feb 2019, Adam John Trickett via Hampshire wrote:

> I was looking at that last night. You can get boxes that have a 15 A relay, a
> jack for a digital thermometer and the ESP8266 controller and their own AC/DC,
> e.g. Sonoff TH16. You can flash them with your own software and then do
> everything in house, or use their own cloud based solution.

I was going to suggest you look at ESP8266 controlled relays when I saw
you were thinking of a PI per radiator, but Tim beat me to it.

I'd not seen the TH16 before though, looks useful to have the option of a
temperature sensor in the same unit.

Of course that might mean you haven't found something you need a PI for
after all, but such is life.

Though if you still want to roll your own software rather than trust to
the cloud offering of an unknown Chinese company then I'd +1 James
suggestion of looking at OpenHAB.

Annoying heating issues aside I hope things are going well in France?


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