[Hampshire] Old fart needs digital makeover urgent

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Author: Roger Munford via Hampshire
To: Hampshire
CC: Roger Munford
Subject: [Hampshire] Old fart needs digital makeover urgent
My son is back for Christmas and is disgusted that his parents are
shuffling around listening to occasional you tube videos on You tube.

I had actually been planning to attend to this at some stage with a
project based around the raspberry pi, small amps and a tuner. However
it has been pointed out that it could be years before that gets done so
I am seeking advice on what is available for a quick fix.

What I have in mind is ceiling mounted speakers in the lounge a kitchen
and possible bathroom. Oldies have limited frequency response so quality
is probably not a priority.

At the moment I switch on the 40 year old radio by punching the on off
switch and get instant reaction. I would like to duplicate that.

I would also like to be able to access the BBC iplayer, you tube and
other internet services. There is also a pile of CDs that would have to
be somehow available for occasional use.

Any suggestions from "persevere with the raspberry pi it is really not
that difficult" to the hardware involved in a DIY  or a commercial
solution and where to get it would be very helpful.

I am sorry that I have not even started my own research but this has
sort of come up unexpectedly.

Seasons Greetings

Roger Munford

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