[Hampshire] Joyeux Noel !

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Author: A. J. Trickett via Hampshire
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CC: A. J. Trickett
Subject: [Hampshire] Joyeux Noel !
Bonjour !

Greetings from French France...!

This week I went to a local FabLab meeting, which was a LUG
meeting in all but name. It was good to get out and meet other
like minded people again. I spent several hours playing with
WireGuard VPN and iptables with a very hice French chap, and we
were both very frustrated with my working system and his
non-working system - with basically the same set up!

I wish everyone appropiate seasonal greetings and all the best
into the New Year!

PS If you are passing through Saint-Malo, let me know and we can
always go out for a meal - there is lots of choice here.

Adam Trickett
Saint-Malo, Bretagne, FRANCE

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
    -- Albert Einstein

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