Re: [Hampshire] Debian flash drive mount problem

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Author: Peter Alefounder via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Peter Alefounder
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] Debian flash drive mount problem
Nick Chalk suggested:
> /dev/sdb1 /media/flash auto noauto,user 0 0

> The limitation of this approach is that it assumes
> the flash drive will always appear as /dev/sdb1.

Ha! More often sdf1, and I have also seen sdg1.

Anyway, problem now solved. I reinstalled kdeplasma-addons, but
suspect that wasn't needed. On the right hand end of the panel
is a thing for installing widgets. The one I wanted is the Device
Monitor. It seems these widgets can be removed by an accidental
right mouse click, and that is probably what happened. Mea culpa!

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