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Author: Paul Tansom via Hampshire
To: Hampshire LUG Discussion List
CC: Paul Tansom
Subject: [Hampshire] Portsmouth and South East Hants LUG - virtual meet July 18th
Another virtual meeting this month, our venue is currently still closed.

The meet will be slightly later than our in person meets at 2pm to give
everyone enough time to have lunch - virtual sandwiches aren't as

To join head to:


This month there might be a talk on WireGuard, although that is far from
guaranteed as it depends on the availability of the speaker which isn't
finalised yet. With a fair weather and a decent cross channel breeze it
may happen though. On the plus side, there is no need to travel and find
out it isn't happening. For anyone interested in WireGuard there will be
the opportunity to chat anyway as I have just set it up on my OpenWrt
router and connected from my Android phone and laptop. My phone detects
when it isn't on my local WiFi and brings up the VPN automatically...
but that uses Tasker which isn't open source so perhaps I shouldn't
mention that!

I'm not sure whether Jitsi has issues with random people joining, but
just in case I will set a password of 'sat20'. If for some reason the
URL above has been grabbed I will update via the list and website (you
don't seem to be able to reserve them).

I use Firefox, but I have heard that some have had issues and recommend
Chrome or Chromium. There is also an app that you will be asked to
download if you are using Android or Apple (it is also available through

See and/or hear you there - so to speak!

Keep safe.


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