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Author: Rob via Hampshire
To: 'Hampshire LUG Discussion List'
CC: malpass9875
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Subject: [Hampshire] Server Cabinets
Hi all

I need to consolidate what is currently spread across 3*10U cabinets into
1*42U (to have room for expansion). As most of you know, I have no
transport so I need to get something

a.    Cheap
b.    Delivered or Local
c.    Preferably flatpack (to fit through my study door!)

Does anyone know a good supplier? Whenever I look on ebay, I see plenty of
new flatpack for £500+, plenty of assembled for £20 but I can’t exactly pick
one up in a taxi. I’m happy to hire a van but if, as most van hire seem to
be one operative – I can’t exactly expect one person to shift a 42U
assembled unit and of course I can’t guarantee the seller will help and it
becomes a tripartite conversation: me (who won’t be present during pickup /
transport / delivery), seller and delivery person: a recipe for disaster.

Do any members still do anything with Society of St James? IIRC SoSJ used
to sell off old reconditioned tech.?



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