[Hampshire] ZFS modules seem to have disappeared

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Author: Gareth Evans via Hampshire
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CC: Gareth Evans
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Subject: [Hampshire] ZFS modules seem to have disappeared
Hi all, hope you're well.

My ZFS modules have mysteriously stopped loading at the point during boot when you would usually unlock the pool with encrypted ZFS on root (Debian 10). It drops into busybox and suggests loading the zfs modules - can anyone advise how to do this?

(initramfs)# modprobe zfs

...reports "module zfs not found in modules.dep"

An oddity, which seems unrelated - I used scp -r to copy a largeish directory structure from another PC to /home/username/folder on the machine in question immediately before this issue occurred, and scp seemed to get stuck in a loop. After a few folders worth it would restart copying the same files again. I watched this happen a few times to confirm I wasn't imagining it, stopped scp and then used rsync, which succeeded. I later reset the machine and ZFS modules failed to load.

No updates had been applied since the last successful reboot.

Any ideas what might have happened?


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