Re: [Hampshire] ZFS modules seem to have disappeared

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Author: Gareth Evans via Hampshire
To: hampshire
CC: Gareth Evans
Subject: Re: [Hampshire] ZFS modules seem to have disappeared
In case it might assist anyone in future, I was able to boot using a previous kernel and then dist-upgrade, which (re?)built/installed everything that needed to be done automatically.

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On Mon, 24 Aug 2020, at 12:37, Gareth Evans via Hampshire wrote:
> Hi all, hope you're well.
> My ZFS modules have mysteriously stopped loading at the point during
> boot when you would usually unlock the pool with encrypted ZFS on root
> (Debian 10). It drops into busybox and suggests loading the zfs modules
> - can anyone advise how to do this?
> (initramfs)# modprobe zfs
> ...reports "module zfs not found in modules.dep"
> An oddity, which seems unrelated - I used scp -r to copy a largeish
> directory structure from another PC to /home/username/folder on the
> machine in question immediately before this issue occurred, and scp
> seemed to get stuck in a loop. After a few folders worth it would
> restart copying the same files again. I watched this happen a few
> times to confirm I wasn't imagining it, stopped scp and then used
> rsync, which succeeded. I later reset the machine and ZFS modules
> failed to load.
> No updates had been applied since the last successful reboot.
> Any ideas what might have happened?
> Thanks
> Gareth
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